Why BLING-K is a reliable partner


BLING-K Pay Close Attention To Fashion


     Want to lead the latest trend in the outwear market this year? BLING-K will be your best partner, because we have always paid close attention to the fashion trend to help our customers.

We gather information about the fashion trends quickly from fashion shows & exhibitions, fashion magazines and professional fashion consultants, which allows us to update our fabric options with 30-50 new selections every season and send free fabric samples to all customers in time.




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Quick Sampling


BLING-K has been in the textile industry for more than 20 years, and our masters have more than 30 years of experience. With a team of more than 30 experienced experts in garment sampling, BLING-K surpasses its competitors in precision, speed and professional suggestions.

We are able to complete the sampling of a regular sweater design in 2 days and finish a complicated design in 7-10 days, which is faster than most competitors.

In addition, our sampling experts are able to make professional suggestions on patterns, proportions, construction and materials to refine the design and lower your budget significantly.




Superior Supply Chain


After more than 20 years of precipitation in the industry, BLING-K has established its superior supply chain in 20 years of cooperation with more than 15 reliable material suppliers, outperforming its competitors.

 In this way,  we can ensure that customers'  needs of fabric, quality, delivery and more aspects at the same time.








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Internal Mass Production

Standardized Production

Based on the sample, we will make a flow chart to instruct our workers the jobs to be done at every stage. By doing so, we will set up a professional production process to control quality, delivery and cost better.

Skilled Workers

In BLING-K, a group of workers who boast 20 years' experience in clothing making will finish your orders quickly and perfectly, no matter how complicated the jacket design is.

High-End Production Lines

Equipped with various automatic and brand machinery,  from 1.5GG-16GG, machines including STOLL,SHIMA SEIKI, CIXING, etc., which will greatly improve productivity and shorten delivery time significantly.

Stringent Quality Control

According to the highest quality standard professional QC will inspect the final products piece by piece before shipment, which will eliminate the after-sale trouble at the source.







Senior Product Manager---Lucinda

Be responsible for your order




Whether you are a start-up or a company with a mature system, we take you seriously.

We put our 100%professional consulting services at your disposal.

 Our goal is to provide you with valuable services and achieve a win-win collaboration.
The core of the company is the staff, very often the person is right, the thing is right.

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Knitwear Clithing Production














What Makes Us So Special

①We have been in the garment industry for more than 20 years, we have excellent professional technology and production capacity.

②Knitwear is our main business, our sweaters, pullovers, cardigans, good reputation.At present, our main market is in Europe, and we have a better

      understanding of the policy requirements of the European market.
③BLING-K have obtained BSCI certification and can supply raw materials to GRS GOTS RWS certification.

④In the past 20 years, BLING-K have produced millions of products for customers at home and abroad, which have been highly recognized by customers.

      In recent years, BLING-K have made many popular styles for our customers, including puff sleeves, knit dresses and button cardigans for women.

      Organic cotton, wool, cashmere and mohair materials.

Please contact us to establish our first communication.







As we all know, women are born to love beauty, which is also a very reasonable thing.
A woman can have many identities in her life, but the most important thing is that only when she becomes herself and loves herself,

she will be better able to love others and share love.
While we develop beautiful clothing, we also strive to be environmentally sustainable.
Our employees are happy at work, and we provide them with security and benefits.
We hope that our raw materials, production and manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly.
We hope that the clothes we produce are durable

and that it is not a problem for our customers to give them to their friends or donate them to those in need.