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BLING-K is  a company integrating industry and trade, with mature supply chain and perfect departmental mechanism.


We offer one-stop solution service to brand owner and whosales globally.

We have the ability to produce large orders and accept small quantity business.

BLING-K is a clothing manufacturer,and is willing to help start-ups and individual studios grow,

because we are also from small to big,from nothing to have.

Just participate in customizing your own clothing,let us bring your thoughts into reality.


Product Classification

product classification

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    ◆ Yarn Supplier

A reliable supplier certified by BSCI can meet 70% of our yarn needs  with high-quality and durable products.

 Meanwhile, it will invest in the research and development of new fabrics continually to follow the latest trend.

 Besides the domestic supplier, BLING-K also sources top-quality fabrics from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan to meet the needs of high-end clothes, which will benefit both large and small brand owners



    ◆  Dyeing Factory


The dyeing process is conducted according to global standard to ensure its safety to human and harmless to environment with the certificates of SGS and ISO 9001.

Besides that, it owns a professional laboratory to test the chromatic aberration and stability of dyed fabrics.

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  Knitting Factory

When raw material is done, then our production process contains


 Every step has specialized quality control staffs to charge the order.


  ◆  Accessory Supplier

Most accessories are purchased from big names in the industry

such as zippers from YKK, buttons from Malata and so on.


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One's life is very short, so do something meaningful.

The core of education is teachers, and the core of the company is employees.

When the person is right, the thing is right.

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