Sweater Washing Tips

- May 22, 2019-

(1) sweater before washing, should first beat the dust on the sweater, put the sweater in cold water to soak 10 ~ 20 minutes, take out after the squeeze dry water, put the washing powder solution or soap in the solution gently scrub the sweater, and then rinse the sweater with water. In order to ensure the color of wool, can drop 2% acetic acid in water (food has vinegar also may) to neutralize the remaining soap in the sweater. After washing, squeeze the moisture in sweater, block come loose, load net bag, hang sweater in ventilated place air, avoid by all means twist twist or insolate sweater.

(2) washing the sweater with tea (thread), not only can wash the dust on the sweater, but also can make the wool not fade, extend the service life.

The way to wash the sweater is: use a pot of boiling water, put appropriate amount of tea, tea bubble through, after the water is cool, filter out the tea, put the sweater (line) in the tea soak for 15 minutes, and then gently rub the sweater a few times, then rinse with water, squeeze out the water, shake out, wool can be directly held in a cool place to dry; Sweater is out of shape to prevent, answer to load net bag to hang again shade cool place air.

(3) if the sweater is not alkali resistant, if washing should be neutral without enzyme detergent, it is best to use wool special detergent. If you use a washing machine to wash, you should use a drum washing machine, choose a gentle program. If hand wash had better knead gently wash, do not use rub clothes board rub. Sweater can not use chlorine bleach solution, can use oxygen color bleach; Use squeeze wash, avoid wring, squeeze in addition to water, spread dry or folded half hanging dry; Wet state plastic or semi-dry plastic, in addition to wrinkles, not under the sun exposure; Use a softener to maintain soft feel and anti - static. Dark color is easy to fade, should be washed alone.