Sweater Knitting - Front Piece Of Jacket

- May 08, 2019-

A. bottom stitch initiation = (1/2 chest circumference + 1cm) × transverse density + stitch consumption (needle)

2. The length of the line, with after "2" the same.

3. The number of straight lines should be the same as the 3.

4. Set the number of wide needle (4).

⒌ suspender, total number of rows with the same piece of "5".

Pictures of shoulder receiving needle number, the same as after "6".

But suspender narrowing method: after the comparison, but after than pills before more than 1 cm, narrowing than after extra time. The needle count of 1 cm can be removed at flat end.

When the sleeve piece is woven, its straight density and horizontal density are slightly different from the original density:

Sleeve horizontal density = original density ×125% sleeve straight density = desired density ×95%

1 a. cuff starting point = sleeve width ×2× sleeve width + stitch consumption (needle)

2. Length of sleeve = (sleeve length - cuff rib length) × sleeve straightness + sewing consumption (needle)

3. Number of 3rd sleeve needles = width of sleeve ×2× horizontal sleeve tightness + sewing consumption (needles)

4. Add needles on each side of the sleeve body = (sleeve root needle - cuff needle) ÷2

⒌ sleeve body - sleeve = sleeve prime Numbers rows

Number of pictures of the sleeve row = length of the sleeve high × straight sleeve thick ×+ sewing cost (needle)

But sleeve unilateral closed beard needle number = (sleeve pin number - wide sleeve pin number) present 2