Sweater Knitting - Collars And Others

- May 11, 2019-

A. needle number of collar piece = (collar depth ×2+ back collar width +2 cm) × rib crosstab density

2. The number of rows = collar height × rib straight dense


In weaving process, some regular dimension relations and simple calculation methods can be used for reference:

1. Adult sleeve width is 3cm ~ 3.5cm less than hanging shoulder, 1.5cm ~ 2cm less than hanging shoulder for children's wear.

2. Generally the man's sleeve is 21 cm ~ 24 cm wide, woman's sleeve is 17 cm ~ 21 cm wide.

3. When knitting a sleeve slice, if adding the needle, it should be fast first and then slow. If reducing the needle, slow down first and then fast.

4. The sleeve mountain height for adults is generally 12 cm ~ 14 cm.

⒌ sleeve armhole line number is close to the armhole lines before and after piece of suspender.

Pictures of simple operation, after the general neckline without consideration.

But after the collar width is commonly 1/3 of the shoulder width.