Sweater - A Sweater Knitted By Machine Or Hand

- May 02, 2019-

A sweater, knitted by machine or hand. Humans in primitive life use leaves, hides to clothing, live in fishery netting fish, just know the use of weaving techniques, with the invention of the evolution of civilization and science and technology, human not only make full use of all kinds of animals and plants and other natural fiber weave supplies for living, more developed a variety of chemical fiber and mineral fiber, make human life more convenient and comfortable.

Weaving tools

Domestic sweater knitting machines sold on the market, if classified according to their performance, can be roughly divided into three types: low, middle and high.

Low-grade machines are generally manual needle lifting type, most of these machines are domestic machines, such as panda brand, standard brand, meihua brand, tonglong brand, etc. Although they have different names and models, their performance is basically the same, take zhejiang tonglong brand as an example.

The structure of this machine is composed of two parts, the main machine and the auxiliary machine, through the coordination of the main machine and the auxiliary machine, it can weave the plain needle, ingot needle and other simple patterns, mainly used to weave rib edge, make the fabric full of elasticity, its jacquard function is in the main machine part, with a one, two or three separation between the trinity row of needle plate and the head of the triangulation