Six Notes Of Wearing A Hat

- Nov 01, 2019-

1, the hat is too loose and tight

The size of the hat must match the size of your head. The hat is too small, too tight on the head, uncomfortable, affecting the blood circulation of the head. The hat is too big, not warm, and easy to fall off. When choosing a hat, you should consider the size of the head circumference, the volume occupied by the hair, and the shrinkage of the hat after washing. Adolescents are in a period of development, hats should be slightly wider when they are used; older people should choose a hat to be practical; winter hats should be soft, comfortable, light and warm; in summer, light, airy and light.

2, the hat does not wash for a long time

The human scalp is rich in sebaceous glands, especially young adults, with strong sebum secretion, coupled with sweating and dust adhesion, it is easy to make the inside of the cap or the lining greasy and smelly, which is a good breeding of the fat-saturated saprophytic fungus. surroundings. This unclean hat is worn on the head and causes folliculitis due to friction with the scalp. Moreover, the sweat is corrosive after volatilization, which tends to make the cap brittle, fading and even damaged. Therefore, after wearing the hat for a while, wash it with warm soapy water and a soft brush, and then rinse it off with warm water or hot water. In order to facilitate cleaning, you can also put a thin cotton cloth in the hat, so it is convenient to wash and change frequently. However, it is never possible to use a non-absorbent, airtight plastic sheet as a lining, as this is not conducive to head care.

3, the hat casually lends the hat to others

Some people have head lice or other infectious diseases, and the hats are often contaminated with germs. If you lend someone a hat, you may be infected without knowing it.

4, suffer from head disease, avoid wearing hats all seasons

People with head disease (jaundice), because they are afraid of others seeing indecent, often wear a hat all year round to cover the sick head. In fact, this is very unscientific. This not only makes the head lack sunlight for a long time, can not make the ultraviolet rays in the sun play a role in killing and inhibiting the scalp sputum, and can not make the head air circulation, which will create favorable conditions for the breeding of the bacteria, which is not conducive to the head disease. Rehabilitation.

5, take the hat for his use

The hat is a warm and health care product worn on the head and should not be used for him. Some people take a hat and sometimes sit on a cushion, sometimes when the cloth is dusty, and then immediately put on the head, which is very unsanitary.

6, wear a hat when the hair is not dry

After coming out of the bathroom or after finishing the hair, many people often wear the hat on their heads without waiting for the hair to dry out, in order to prevent colds and colds. In fact, this is not appropriate. Chinese medicine believes that the head is the place where the human body converges, and the brain is the marrow sea. It is the part that exerts talents. Therefore, it is called "the meeting of Zhuyang" and the "house of Jingyang". It does not allow "invasion" to invade, especially the "wet evil" violation. Because the wet is "yin evil", it is most likely to hurt people's yang and stagnate blood. Wet evil invades the head, every faint and heavy, lack of energy. If the head is wet, if the hat is worn, the wet evil will not be emitted. If the number is too many, the above symptoms will occur. Therefore, do not rush to wear a hat when the head is wet. After the hair is dry, it is better to wear a hat.