Proper Washing Of Woolen Sweaters

- Feb 26, 2020-

Proper washing of woolen sweaters

Read the wash signs on your clothes carefully

The wool component in clothings is different, the method that catharsis maintains is different, some suit to wash by hand, some suit to dry clean. The maintenance method described in the wash label on clothing varies according to the type of wool. Specially treated fabrics may also have special advantages.

Commonly used washing marks at home and abroad

Washing liquid temperature below 30℃ should be used. Regular mechanical washing should not be washed, and care should be taken when wet

Hand washing must be handled carefully to indicate that chlorine bleaching is not allowed

Clothes suitable for all dry cleaning solvent washing clothes suitable for tetrachloroethylene, trichloromethane, light gasoline and trichloroethane 4 dry cleaning solvent washing, no special requirements for the washing process

Means that the clothes can be put into the drum dryer for processing means that the clothes can not be put into the drum dryer for processing

You can't have your clothes dry-cleaned and ironed

When ironing temperature should not exceed 120℃ ironing must be cloth, temperature should not exceed 120℃