Knitting By Hand Is A Kind Of Wisdom And Endurance

- May 16, 2019-

Hand weaving is a kind of arts and crafts by wisdom and endurance. A weaver is conceived, designed, and executed over and over again

Only by working can we dedicate our exquisite and genuine products to every beneficiary. She brings you pride, beauty and happiness. An exquisite hand-knitted sweater will bring you confidence, success and happiness, just like a cardigan or a famous suit. Even so, the weavers have to pay how much hard and cost how much valuable time. However, this requires that the knitters do their best to develop and improve the traditional method of right-handed knitting.

A new method, the left hand braid method, has the following advantages:

A. use the wire in the left hand instead of hanging the wire, saving the time needed for arc winding in the right hand, so it can improve the weaving speed by at least 1/4. 2. As the left hand directly takes the thread, only two hands are moving when knitting, and frequent and intense exercises are not needed for forearms. Therefore, energy consumption can be greatly reduced, so the labor intensity can be reduced. Therefore, it can be called energy-saving weaving method. 3. As the left hand directly strips the thread on the needle, the tightness of the ribbon can be easily mastered by the straight and reverse knitting, and the flatness and tightness of the woven products are very even. 4. Because the front and back stitches are in the same way, the effect is better when weaving patterns or several colored threads are combined. 5. If you can knit with both your left hand and your right hand (traditional weaving method), take one line with your left hand and one line with your right hand. The two lines will not interfere with each other. This is not possible with the traditional right - handed method.