Introduction To (GRS) Certification Of Global Recycling Standard

- Jan 21, 2021-

Introduction to (GRS) Certification of Global Recycling Standard.

The global recycling standard (GRS) is promoted by the textile exchange, which is one of the most important non-profit organizations to promote the international responsibility and sustainable development of the textile industry. According to this standard, the Textile Exchange recognizes that recycling is essential for the development of sustainable production and consumption patterns; it aims to encourage reduced resource consumption (raw materials, water and energy) and improve the quality of recycled products.

Entry conditions for GRS certification.
The proportion of recycled components of the product is more than 20%; if the product plans to hang the GRS logo, the proportion of recycled components should be more than 50%.
All products consisting of at least 20% of pre-consumption and post-consumption recycled materials can be certified by GRS.
Effective compliance of the product with GRS standards; proper organization and management of manufacturing processes and internal procedures may impair the consistency of the product itself; and maintain a chain of supervision to ensure that recycled materials are correctly identified and avoid confusion and / or replacement of other materials.

4 modules of GRS certification:
1. Recycled ingredients: products with recycled ingredients greater than 20% are the entry conditions for certification.

2.Social responsibility: if the enterprise has successfully passed the BSCI, SA8000,GSCP and other social responsibility audits, it can be exempted from the assessment after passing the evaluation by the certification body.
3. Chemical management: chemical management policies used in the production of GRS products.

4. Environmental management: whether the company has an environmental management system and controls the use of energy, water, waste water, waste gas, etc.

By obtaining this international certification, manufacturers can enhance the green competitiveness of their products. One order, one certificate. Production of GRS certified recycled cotton canvas, recycled cotton plain cloth, recycled cotton twill cloth, recycled cotton yarn, recycled cotton Martin cloth, recycled cotton elastic cloth, recycled cotton elastic cloth and so on. The products can be used in clothing, maternal and infant products, underwear, children's toys, organic food packaging, cosmetic packaging, bedding, shoes and hats, handbags, bags, shoes, sporting goods and other industries. GRS environment-friendly recycled cotton cloth is the global textile and clothing recycling standard GRS is the textile and clothing recycling standard of the recent research and development, is one of the focus of textile attention. The launch process of GRS, as well as the content of GRS, such as recycling textile production supply chain, raw material tracking, environmental processing standards, social responsibility, product labels, etc., in order to enable relevant enterprises to have a positive understanding of textile and clothing recycling standards, so as to better participate in the market competition and improve the competitive advantage of their products.