How To Wear A Hat In Winter Is Most Suitable

- Nov 06, 2019-

It is necessary to keep warm with a hat, especially for the elderly. Most of the hair is scarce, and the body is weak, afraid of cold and cold. Therefore, it is best to wear a hat to keep warm when going out, not only to avoid cold, cough, but also prevent Headache, facial paralysis and other diseases.

However, wearing a hat for a long time will cause the scalp pores to breathe poorly, and sebum will accumulate on the scalp, which may easily form dandruff, itchy eyes or skin inflammation, which may cause hair loss. The hair is not resistant to sultry heat, and the hat or helmet that is fastened to the head will make the underlying hair not breathe for a long time, especially at the hairline and hair root where the cap is pressed, which is more likely to cause hair loss due to loose skin.

Therefore, to wear a hat in the cold, you must first choose a little bigger than the head, put on the hair will not squeeze, let the hair have room for ventilation. Secondly, pay attention to the material, people who love oil, wear a breathable, thin hat, people with weak constitution and easy to catch a cold, wear a woolen or woolen hat. Once again, it is time to wear it when going out in the morning and evening. It should be taken out when entering the room. When the sun is good at noon, let the hair come out and breathe.

People who have a tendency to thank you should pay more attention to it. They should not wear a hat for a long time in order to shield the hair from the dilemma. They should comb their hair on time every day, moderately massage the scalp, maintain a good mentality, and pay attention to nutritional balance to make the hair grow stronger.