How To Wear A Flawless Wool Cap

- Nov 06, 2019-

When it's cold, the innocent wool cap is the most classic choice. But if you don't wear this kind of hat, it will make you look like a child who is not too dry. If you want to make the innocent woolen caps out of the essentials of children's wear, and wear a mature fashion style, you should stick to the fashionable and exquisite costumes, let the flawless caps add a finishing touch to your fashion style, not just for practical use. it.

Choose a cap


Consider choosing a neutral color. Bright colors and prints are easy to make you feel tempted, and will reduce the exquisiteness of your entire outfit. Color, white, gray, brown, or brown, the effect is much better. In addition, neutral colors are usually more versatile. If you really want a certain color, then choose a more positive, more classic color, such as red or blue, and the color is jewel or other more striking color, but don't choose too bright, like neon colour.


Decorate as little as possible. Do not choose a hat with a pom-pom, a bead, or a zipper. The simple wool cap looks classic and stylish, but the hat with the decoration and embellishment is not mature enough. If you are sure to pick up the decoration, you can find a hat with a low-key decoration, such as a brown button.


Pick the right size and a little loose style. An elastic, unbridled wool cap inside is easier to tighten on the forehead. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it also leaves a red mark on your skin, and the tighter wool cap does not look so stylish.