How To Wash Sweaters

- Nov 15, 2019-

1. Regular washing. Normally, the regular sweaters we have purchased have washing instructions on them, and the cleaning is carried out according to the washing instructions. Most sweaters are suitable for dry cleaning, but can also be hand washed.

If you wash your hands, be sure to use a special sweater for your sweater. Pour the detergent into hot water below 30 degrees, stir well, and leave it for about ten minutes. Dip the sweater back into the water, focusing on washing the neckline and cuffs and other stains.

Rinse and rinse with water. It is also possible to directly squeeze the water in the sweater by hand, spread the dehydrated sweater on the table, and dry it in a ventilated place. Place it in a heated room to avoid ironing.

2. Use edible vinegar.

If you accidentally get some ink on your sweater, you can use vinegar for cleaning. Use paper vinegar and rub repeatedly at the stain to remove the ink.