How To Match Autumn Sweater Coat

- Mar 06, 2020-

How to match autumn sweater coat

Quiet fashion collocation

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In this beautiful autumn, not the company of sweater coat! It is highly recommended that you get a sweater coat, the upper body to both bring you temperature, and have style! Many women ask, how should sweater coat match? Might as well learn these 5 kinds of sweater jacket wear LOOK, according to wear simple and good-looking!

Sweater coat + T-shirt + jeans

1, this year very popular version of the loose sweater coat, it with a variety of wear to win your heart! The loose version of the body has a lazy tone, the body is also very inclusive. Add the design that drops rotator cuff, won't show shoulder width, still can highlight the line of shoulder neck to achieve the result that the vision shows thin yo. Inside a crisp white T-shirt, simple and stylish! With light blue jeans, classic and not easy to go out of style, very durable!

Sweater coat + dress

Tie-in 2, the tonal wen wan of sweater coat gives a person the fashionable feeling of a kind of foreign spirit, any skin color can be controlled. The design of big V is very contracted and agile, add the design of single breasted, added window, contracted not drab. Pair it with a dress and a pair of delicate pumps for a retro chic yet elegant look.

Color contrast sweater coat + knit dress

Match 3, super gentle stripe color contrast sweater coat, match color really too beautiful too gentle! Soft sweater brings a kind of healing feeling in this autumn, also more highlight the simple sense of sweater! Loose version of the strength of hides the meat to show thin, inside builds a knitted dress, temperament is gentle but a person!

Hollowed-out sweater coat + wide leg pants with straps

Collocation 4, early autumn, the weather with the summer residual temperature, a classic durable jeans with wide leg pants fashionable and good-looking! The length of 9 minutes wears strength to show tall show thin, tie-in the sweater coat of a coffee color, take the taste that a bit is composed and restoring ancient ways. Sweater coat is not overmuch design, upper body has contracted agile feeling. The sleeve of sweater coat pulls up slightly, add a few minutes recreational languid lazy feeling.