How To Make A Shrinking Sweater

- Oct 18, 2019-

How to make a shrinking sweater

You can try the following methods:

First, warm water + a small amount of household "Ashnia". First add a teaspoon of enamel water to the warm water, then soak the reduced sweater into the water for ten minutes, then wash it with a large mold stand and dry it.

Second, the cooking method is adopted. You can also wrap the sweater with a clean towel and put it on the steamer. Remember to wash the steamer. Don't let the oil on the steamer stain the clothes. Steam for 10 minutes, remove it, and then pull the clothes back to the original size, then dry it. It should be noted here that the water temperature should be well controlled and it is recommended not to exceed 70 degrees.

Third, send the dry cleaners, just take the clothes to the dry cleaners, dry clean, then find the special shelf of the same model with the sweater, hang the sweater, after the high temperature steam treatment, the clothes can be restored to the original appearance.

Fourth, the use of mold prototype. First, find a thicker cardboard and edit it into its original size and shape. The cut is best polished with sandpaper to avoid hooking the sweater. Then wash the sweater and dry it and put it on this cardboard.