How To Maintain Sweaters

- Nov 15, 2019-

1. Wool is easy to be wormed, and it is light and easy to deform. Therefore, it must be washed and dried before being collected, stacked and placed in a flat position. In order to avoid drape deformation.

2. Do not mix with other products in the same bag, and keep it away from light, ventilation and dryness. Pay attention to the anti-mite during storage. You can put some dehumidification boxes and insect repellent, but avoid the direct contact between the anti-caries agent and the sweater.

3, the inner garment with the matching outer lining is preferably smooth and not rough, and the inner bag should not be loaded with hard things, so as to avoid local friction and pilling. When wearing, try to reduce friction with harder things (such as sleeves and table tops, sleeves and sofa armrests, back and sofa, etc.) and strong pull hooks. Wear time should not be too long, pay attention to the interval around 10 days, so that it can restore elasticity