How To Find Small Quantity Order Quantity Manufacturer

- Apr 08, 2021-

If you are a start-up brand, if you are trying to find a new supplier recently, and you want to look at the quality of production.That small order suits you very well.


How To Find Small Quantity Order Quantity Manufacturer

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2020 is destined to be an eventful year, 2021 gradually began to stabilize, but in the current situation, the big brands are not willing to save much inventory, also not happy for clearance price reduction processing.

Derivation of small batch orders will be trendy. This is a challenge for us, but feels more like an opportunity. We can accept small orders and provide a variety of yarn with a stock color card for customers to choose from, our cooperation compared with large factories will be more flexible and convenient.

For example, such as 95BCI cotton 5 cashmere knitwear, because we have up to 50 colors with the stock yarn, supply a round neck sweater sweater maybe 3-5 days, and 4-5 weeks for mass production.


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