How To Do Wool Sweater

- Oct 31, 2019-

1. First, add a spoonful of starch in the clear water with a basin of water. It is the starch that is usually eaten at home. Then put the sweater into the water added to the starch and soak for about five minutes, then put a basin of water into some washing powder and then soak the sweater in the water with the washing powder for about five minutes. After drying and drying, the sweater will not lose its hair.

2, if the sweater is severely damaged, you can use transparent glue, and it is the kind of wide sticky. After gently sticking, the sweater is not easy to lose hair, even if it is dropped, it will only drop a little.

3, In addition, as long as the sweater containing animal hair ingredients, there will be pilling after wearing, usually as long as you take care of, the family can always keep some small tools, there are special sweaters in the market to remove the ball, you can buy Come to one.

4, before wearing, first soak the clothes with cold water, then take out a pressure of water, after not dripping into a string, put the sweater in a plastic bag, put it in the refrigerator for 3-7 days, then take out the dry, so that It will not lose hair! In addition, when wearing, do not wear underwear inside, wear a jacket with a smooth lining on the outside, so that it will not lose hair!