How To Choose The Right Sweater

- Feb 26, 2020-

How to choose the right sweater

1. Check the size, shape and feel of clothes; Whether the wool yarn has coarse knots and large knots; There is no bad seam, redundant thread; There are no holes, gaps, beam color defects and oil, etc.

2. Check the elasticity of the rib on the cuff and hem. You can extend the cuff or hem by hand and then relax to see if it can be well restored. At the same time, should pay attention to the cuff or hem rib's contraction force should not be too large, otherwise when wearing the tight band.

3. Check the seam quality. Special attention should be paid to the joint quality of cuff, front and rear collar, shoulder seam and side seam. During the inspection, clench the sides of the parts to be inspected with your hands and pull slightly so that the joints can be clearly shown to your eyes.

4, the choice of pullover sweater, collar flexibility is appropriate, there is no leakage of the collar needle, the right color of the collar line, whether the end of the line is clean, are extra attention to the place. Choose the type of cardigan, pay attention to the color of the front cardigan line is correct, there is no leakage needle, button thread is loose, button quality, button and button good cooperation should also be noticed.

5, the shrinkage rate of wool sweater as a result of the selection of raw materials and the structure of the different, there is a great difference, so in the purchase must understand the shrinkage rate, and on this basis, consider the size of the purchase.