How Sweaters Work

- May 04, 2019-

And the principle should be better to resist the braiding machine is simple, we only know basic structure and working principle of sweater knitting machine are able to better learn and master the use of weaving machine technique, the film's choose zhejiang produce tung dragon braiding machine description as instance, the machine through other against the machine structure is basically the same, two parts of the main and auxiliary machinery, adopt suggestion type reciprocating weave, double needle bed hand pull jacquard, host including needle, needle bed, tension device, auxiliary include: transverse needle bed moving and lifting gear. Speak host needle bed above all, install its with desk pliers in rack, make its fixed, install next auxiliary machine and press machine head, host machine can use at the same time with auxiliary machine, can use to weave rib, siping, ingot and so on stitch, also can use knitting plain needle and all sorts of pattern alone. It works as follows: Host by the needle bed, head and needle of three parts, the movement back and forth through the nose, the nose of a trigonometric function with woven beard needle heel, in force machine needle sit longitudinal groove regular exercise, and they can open closed automatically and latch to complete each coil knitting process to achieve the purpose of weaving, needle bed is used in the needle groove machine needle placement, when the nose while moving around on the guide rail of needle bed, due to the triangle in the nose role in forcing machine needle on the groove for the movement to complete the knitting process in the process of weaving, head installed in the needle bed, under the action of external force can guide knelt repeated movement along the needle bed, The triangular device on the head forces the knitting needle to move back and forth in the slot to complete the weaving of the fabric. The structure of the knitting machine is as follows: A needle hook tongue needle bar D C B needle heel, needle hook hook is the function of yarn, needle tongue's role is to match the hook to open the closed circle of synthetic repeatedly, the needle heel is mechanical part, because of its prominent needle bed surface directly by trigonometric function before and after the movement, needle bar is the tongue, needle hook connection part, make it as A whole, along the needle groove, needle bed back tension device on the main machine, its function also nots allow to ignore, its main function is to tie up good yarn to the nose of the feeder in the mouth, then introduce the hooks in the process of continuous supply of knitting yarn, The yarn guide is an independent part, which is installed on the yarn guide substrate. Its function is to feed the yarn that passes through the yarn guide frame into the needle hook correctly to make a circle. The above is the main machine.