How Should Sweater Collocation Ability Wear Good Temperament?

- Mar 06, 2020-

How should sweater collocation ability wear good temperament?

1. There is no standard for what color to wear, just as there is no standard for what color to wear in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Actually colour is the cent that does not have a season, a kind of colour also can match with a lot of kinds of colour at the same time.

2. Pink with amaranth, black, gray, dark green, white, beige, brown, navy

The color collocation of professional dress. The place for professional women to wear professional women's clothes is the office. The low chroma can make the people who work there concentrate, deal with all kinds of problems calmly, and create a calm atmosphere. The environment for professional women's wear is mostly indoors and in a limited space. People always hope to get more private space. Wearing low-purity colors will increase the distance between people and reduce the sense of crowding.

Low-purity colors are easier to coordinate with other colors, which increases the sense of harmony and intimacy between people, thus helping to form a pattern of cooperation. Additional, can use the characteristic with easy collocation of low purity colour, will limited clothings collocation gives rich combination. At the same time, low purity gives people a sense of humility, tolerance and maturity. By using this color language, professional women are more likely to be valued and trusted by others.