How Many Steps In Organic Cotton Growing Period

- Apr 01, 2021-

The growing period of cotton may be divided into five stages, namely, seedling stage, germination stage, budding stage, flowering stage, capsule stage and capsule opening stage.


1.Seed Emergence Stage

From the sowing of cotton seeds to the emergence of 50% of the cotyledons, which is called seed emergence stage. The seeds were sown in the middle and last ten days of April, and the seedlings emerged in 15 days. This is the critical period for deciding to sow the whole seedling.


2.Seedling Stage

From emergence to cotton field, 50% of cotton plants have the first young bud, which is called seedling stage, early maturing variety 25MUE 30 days, medium maturing variety 40MUE 50 days.



3.Budding Stage

From budding to flowering of 50% of cotton plants, the first flowering is called budding stage, 25MUE 30 days, and budding stage is from the first half of June to the first ten days of July.


4.Flowering Stage

From flowering to 50% of cotton plants, the first boll opening is called boll stage, which lasts 50 cents for 60 days. Flowering and boll stage is mostly in the climatic environment from the first ten days of July to mid-August, which is a flowering period of vegetative and reproductive growth, and more than 70% of dry matter is formed in the flowering and boll stage.


5.Capsule Opening Stage 

From the beginning of capsule opening to the end of flower harvest is the period of capsule opening. The opening of bolls started in mid/late August, the peak was in September, and the flowers were mainly harvested from mid/late October to early November. The dry matter accumulated by the bolls accounted for more than 90% of the accumulation during this period, and the amount of fertilizer and water required during this period was significantly reduced.


The planting of organic cotton is even more stringent, because it will control the soil, environment, fertilization and other links.
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