Handmade Sweater

- Jun 03, 2019-

Pull needle bar to achieve the set ring, overhead, two color jacquard, and it is implemented in a needle eye transfer coil mesh weaving pattern such as damask, simple to operate, the disadvantage is that pattern change is less, more takes work, but as with coarse thread woven simple coat pants is still ideal weaving tools, and low price of about 1400 to 1600 yuan. Intermediate type braiding machine is commonly import price is around 4000 yuan to 8000 yuan, but in recent years has been the introduction of some domestic mid-range braiding machine such as ShenFeng CARDS, plum blossom, tianqin CARDS, red horse, JinKouJi is best suitable for Switzerland, Japanese brothers CARDS, silver flute and so on, the main performance characteristics * hole card to provide information, mechanical automatic needle selection, can be woven or 24 40 needle independent, continuous, artificial you just need to push and pull the nose, therefore, the pattern is more fast and convenient. Like Switzerland before braiding machine it the structure of the main points on the optimal needle bed and after the two major part is bed, similar to the aforementioned main and auxiliary machinery, through with the needle bed, before and after, wing can weave anyway needle, four jersey, double plate jacquard stitch, before the needle bed can also separate operation weave tuck, overhead, a variety of pattern, such as mesh the excellent properties of mid-range weaving machine, weaving machine has had the qualitative change, but there are still some limitations, especially in the case of pattern design can not satisfy people increasingly rich material culture pursuit, so the higher class of household knitting machine computer control to choose needle has successively literature in recent years