Hand-knitted Sweaters Have A Long History In China

- May 01, 2019-

Handmade sweater weaving in China has a long history, but the first is to use a glimmer of weave, until the 80 s began to rise gradually with knitting machine weaving, then only the panda's host, at the time, is also a good sweater knitting machine, then China's imports have been knitting machine, such as brothers, silver flute, Switzerland 80 s machine, etc. The big market in China, some enterprises are also bullish on knitting machine, then had several knitting machine manufacturers, but most are modelled on the machine made in Japan, such as seafood ShenFeng card, red flag horse of red flag brand are modelled on the Japanese brothers brand machine production, and made in wuhan club card, tianqin brand made in wenzhou, is modeled on Japan's silver flutes brand production, and domestic brand of the machine, respectively, compared with the Japanese the brand machine, no matter on the function, or are the same in the structure, and accessories are interchangeable, at the same time, and there was a standard, openning, colorful weaving machine, such as producing, For the development of the knitting industry has played a great role.