Features Of Woolen Sweater:

- Feb 26, 2020-

Features of woolen sweater:

1, elegant luxury, unique style, cashmere sweater gives a person with elegant luxury feeling, consumers put on cashmere sweater charm, can get to enjoy and elegant demeanor.

2. Soft feel and plump suede. Cashmere materials determines its soft, slippery, could, warm, cool features, cashmere sweater on the machining process after finishing, special milling wool unlined upper garment surface with a layer of fine, hand feel soft, fine and smooth, suede, if cashmere sweater close-fitting wear, contact with human skin, not tickling feeling, still can make human body produce "the gentle, soft, light, smooth, delicious, warm, cool" comfort.

3. Good insulation and good texture. Cashmere itself is the goat in the harsh winter to resist the cold and in the goat hair root growth of a layer of fine, rich down, the colder the weather, the more rich fine, the longer the fiber growth, so cashmere fiber processing cashmere sweater has a very strong warmth.

4, hygroscopicity, comfortable to wear. The moisture absorption capacity of cashmere is the strongest of all the fibers, the moisture recovery rate is around 15%, cashmere sweaters wear close to the skin can be in the environment of changeable temperature, automatic moisture absorption. It has good function of sweating, and can adjust the temperature of skin quickly and automatically.

5, natural luster, unique style, cashmere fine workmanship, integrated international and domestic color, the perfect embodiment of people's pursuit of elegant clothing cultural awareness.