Embossed Sweater

- Jun 02, 2019-

"Anageo" wool sweater, have concave and convex model stereo design decorative pattern that forms by nap namely, resemble "anageo" the wool sweater of the effect. However, this "embossing" effect is not woven, and is different from the "burnt-out" process, but the use of wool fabric has the characteristics of the fleece, and combined with the local anti-shrinkage treatment of the wool fabric, through the fleece formed.

The production of "embossed" cardigan is a new technology combining many kinds of technologies, such as "printing into a shirt, partial anti-shrinking" and "fleecing". First, the anti-shrinkage material is made into special anti-shrinkage slurry, and then the anti-shrinkage slurry is printed on the fabric with the screen pattern, which is combined by baking and solidifying to form local anti-shrinkage. Then, the woolen sweater is felted. Through felting, the fabric organization not printed to anti-shrinkage and pulp is full of villi, resulting in a plump velvet surface. While the fabric organization printed on anti-shrinkage and pulp still keeps the fabric's original state. Add the fabric that has nap place to organize also with nap shrink, the fabric that does not have nap place to organize still maintaining original state, formed the difference of organize density again so, more strengthened fabric "anaglio" effect.