Do You Adjust Your Hair While Wearing A Wool Cap? Do You Do This?

- Nov 07, 2019-

Wearing a wool cap on the forehead is more suitable for casual everyday wear. The front edge of the innocent wool cap should stay on your eyebrow slightly above the one-point position, while the two sides should be at the next point of the ear. Don't pull the hat down, but leave some space on the top of your head and behind your head. If there is bangs, especially if the bangs are relatively oily or relatively flat, put the bangs under the hat.

You can roll your hat a little behind your head. To add a little bit of creativity to everyday outfits, put the hat on the forehead and stack it a little behind. This method of wearing is called "Peter Pan" wearing a method, so that the hat is slightly higher than usual - and it will not slip to the neck. Just like this, the hat will only cover part of the ear. This method of wearing is suitable for hiding the bangs and for exposing the bangs.

To keep warm, fold the edges. Although this method of wearing is not the most fashionable, if you plan to go out in the cold weather and stay outside for a while, fold the entire edge of the hat up a bit. Most of the hats are pulled down and very warm. This method of wearing is not fashionable enough, but it is absolutely practical and should cover your entire forehead, hiding, and neck. Remember to hide the bangs when you wear them.

Comb - comb your bangs. If you want a look that is more fashionable than usual, wear a hat loosely - some, wear it more than usual, and expose the bangs. Putting the bangs on the side of the comb, it looks playful and interesting.