- Jun 01, 2019-

Cashmere, the raw material of cashmere sweater, is one of the most excellent animal fiber, which is mainly produced from Mongolia, Iran, Afghanistan and other semi-desert areas in northwest China where the temperature difference is large and the sun is long. Due to its rare production and excellent quality, it is known as "soft gold".

Cashmere is a natural hollow fiber, much thinner than wool, outer scales are also thinner than wool, smooth. Therefore, it is light, soft and tough. It is light, soft, silky and very comfortable. It is incomparable with any other fiber.

Cashmere is different from wool. Wool grows on sheep, while cashmere grows on goats. A cashmere goat produces only 150g~200g of wool each year, the average size of the wool is 15~16 micron, the cashmere has the strong extension, elastic deformation is better than the wool, with fine, light, soft, good heat preservation and other excellent characteristics. Cashmere fibers are made from the hairs of goats that are combed and scratched under their long hair. Villous fibers are composed of scales and cortical layers, without medullary layers. It has an average fineness of 15 ~ 16 microns, which is the smallest fineness among wool fibers. Cashmere has better elongation and elastic deformation than sheep wool, so it is a valuable raw material with soft, waxy and warm properties. What's more valuable is that it has natural colors, among which white cashmere is the most famous.