Basic Structure And Working Principle Of Home Knitting Machine

- May 06, 2019-

Let's have a look at the function and working principle of the auxiliary machine. The auxiliary machine is called rib auxiliary machine. Its function is to cooperate with the main machine. Weaving auxiliary generally cannot separate, rib auxiliary engine bed and the host of the needle bed length equal latch needle trees are equal, the difference is rib auxiliary needle bottom left side of the bed there is needle bed shift device, adjusting knob host the relative position of needle bed and auxiliary engine bed, auxiliary engine head must connect with the host the nose to use, guide's nose and aux thread connection between a host and wool in the guide, to weave the nose push-pull movement at the same time, lifting gear: handle, rib on both ends of the auxiliary machine has a mediation main lifting effect, the distance between the main auxiliary needle bed to mediation.

The basic structure and working principle of low -, medium - or high-end household knitting machines are the same. The difference is that the low -, low - stop knitting machines are designed by hand to realize pattern changes. And high-end computer knitting machine is using computer control and provide the information to realize the pattern change, and this is the fundamental difference between three types of weaving machines, we know the basic structure and working principle of household knitting machine, on the basis of must also be further understood from the aspects of pattern design of perforation type or digital type main knitting machine of the pattern design method, to the use of weaving machine has a more complete understanding, this is after a few speak the content to be involved in.