Cashmere Sweater Basic

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cashmere sweater basic

Style number



100% top quality cashmere






Long length pullover




Soft ,warm , breathable , light


XS,S,M,L,XL , as clients require


Color card for choice

Products description :

Material : pure cashmere quality for this long pullover sweater , use the superfine cashmere material , that the handfeel is very soft , and warm touch . it can help you against the cold weather , but very light feel .

Shape : basic round neck pullover ,suitable for anybody .

Wash: wash by hand , and suggest use the special detergent, that the cashmere fiber will not hard and keep warm always .

Production :we can supply the cashmere color card , 1kilos per color min for each color, reduce your cost and time .

Cashmere sweater is definitely the best assistant to wear. It is warm enough, close enough to the skin, with the most skin-friendly experience, rich in color and simple silhouette, and lazy elegance and comfort. When the mother’s jealousy and the beauty of the heart are in conflict, it’s time for the cashmere sweater to be on the stage.

The other half of the cashmere sweater is focused on wild.

When the temperature is no longer a problem, color, style, price, and wearing time are the time when all kinds of clothing compete. The wild cashmere sweater is a versatile in all senses: in the cashmere series, the basic cashmere sweaters occupy an absolute value; the cashmere dyes are colorful and soft, both soft and generous; the styles are loose and close-fitting, and the outer wear is worn inside. They are seamlessly connected; in the four seasons of the year, cashmere sweaters can be put on the line for three seasons; cashmere's light and warm, soft and lustrous, skin-friendly feel is its inherent advantage, no matter how it is matched, it will not be overwhelming. It won't be eclipsed.

Cashmere refers to cashmere, which is a thin layer of fine velvet covered in the roots of goat's hair. It grows out when it is cold in the winter, resists the cold, and falls off after the spring turns warm (note that it is fluff, not mountain wool!). Cashmere production is sparse and expensive, and it is called “soft gold”. An average of 5 goats' fluff is enough to weave a cashmere sweater. The diameter of cashmere is generally less than 17 microns, and the average diameter of good cashmere is less than 15 microns. It is known that the diameter of human hair is about 75 microns. Wool and cashmere are basically incomparable. The warmth of cashmere is twice that of wool. The outer scales are also finer and smoother than wool. They are fine, light, soft, smooth and warm. They are all the textile materials that humans can use now. Can not be compared.。