Tape Yarn Crew Neck Sweater

At the front see , this is the normal crew neck pullover sweater , but from the back , which have a hole , let a little sexy of this sweater .

Product Details

Product name

tape yarn crew neck sweater


75cotton 25nylon tape yarn


O-neck pullover sweater




Stright sleeves

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Tape Yarn Crew Neck Sweater

In the trend of autumn and winter sweaters, round neck sweaters and shirts are more preferred by girls, with a touch of English style and a touch of Sven, which guarantees that the favorability of the opposite sex will surge.

The opening and closing of the shirt buttons will also determine the direction of wearing. Generally, when the buttons are fully buttoned, whether it is exposed or not, it can create a more elegant style of ladies' school. Opening 1 or 2 buttons and pulling out the collar More able to present a free and casual feeling.


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