Hoodie Sweater For Ladies

This is the young lady hoodie sweater , the body and sleeve both have some use the jcaquard pattern design , let this sweater looks more youthful vigor . and quality use cotton mixed , it is breathable and easy care .

Product Details

Quality name

hoodie sweater for ladies



60cotton 40acrylic


Local jacquard


Leisure style


Hoodie sweater with the buttons

Place of origin


Supply capacity

30000pcs per month

The sweater was born in New York, USA in the 1930s, when it was a tool for cold storage workers. However, because the comfort and warmth of the sweater gradually became popular among athletes, it soon became popular among football players and music stars.

Sweaters are generally sleek and are popular among casual wear. The combination of fashion and functionality, the sweater combines comfort and style to become the first choice for young people in street sports.


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