Chenille Sweaters Womens

Big rollneck pullover sweater for women , use the cable pattern in front and sleeves .loose pattern design , and light weight , very confortabke when wearing .

Product Details

Chenille Sweaters Womens

How to wash chenille sweater:

1. It can be washed with water, but it will shrink in different degrees, which is difficult to avoid. It is best to wash it on the reverse side, soak it in cold water. If you put detergent in it, do not soak it for more than 20 minutes, and then wash it gently with your hands. Be careful not to use a washing machine to wash and dehydrate, so as not to damage the fabric. dry.

2. Bronze chenille sweaters usually need to be maintained and dry-cleaned during cleaning to reduce the deformation and shrinkage of the fabric.

3. The hot chenille needs special protection, because once it is dropped, there is no way to recover it, and it will leave sticky marks. Be sure to use a flexible cleaning method.

Production name

chenille sweaters womens



100%polyester chenille yarn


Big rollneck with cable pattern


Soft , warm and loose





Sample fee

Free proto sample

Production min

100pcs per color



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