Angora Sweater Made From

This is the angora mixed quality pullover sweater for women , the all ribs use the flounce effect , to soft feeling.

Product Details

Product name

angora sweater made from


35%wool 35%nylon 10%angora 20%cotton


Pullover with the flounce rib




Soft , warm





Delivery time

Sample 15days , production about 45days

Angora Sweater Made From

Angora rabbit hair is a kind of fiber hair collected from Angora rabbits. Angora rabbits originated in the United Kingdom, and after being imported around the world, different excellent strains have been cultivated. Angora rabbits are the world's most famous breed of wool rabbits. Angora rabbit hair is white, fluffy, slender and soft fibers, less coarse hair, strong warmth, high moisture regain, light, smooth, beautiful, warm, etc. Features is a high-grade textile raw material. It can be used for woolen and worsted spinning; it can be used for knitting and textile; it has a wide range of uses. Angora rabbit hair is a precious special animal fiber in China and has high textile use value. Hebei Province is one of China's Angora rabbit fur producing areas. Rabbits have a long history of producing rabbits. The rabbits produced are long, white, loose, and net are ideal raw materials for high-grade wool textiles. Rabbit fur products are light, warm, soft and beautiful, and are sold in Europe, Oceania, Japan and Hong Kong.


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