Mens Merino Wool Cardigan Sweater

This is the cardigan sweater for men , use the machine washable quality , it is easy keep the shape and good anti-illing . very thin guage knitting , that the quality looks fine and smooth . this is the basic but classic style , welcome for the all different ages group .

Product Details

Style name

mens merino wool cardigan sweater


100%mercerized merinowool


Cardigan with buttons




2pockets in each side


Proto sample free , 7-8days


As customer require

In addition to the collar type, try to choose a solid color as simple as possible on the overall color. Abandon those stripes, diamonds and other designs, do not wear high-quality cashmere sweaters too.

A loose cashmere sweater will look lethargic. It is recommended to choose a close fit (size is not tight!) In size, leaving a little space for the shirt to be worn inside, and it can also form some wrinkles, showing that the sweater is natural and soft. Beauty.

mens merino wool cardigan sweater1

angora sweater made from9


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