Mens Cotton Cardigan Sweater

Comfortable and midweight, this soft 100% cotton sweater is perfect over a shirt or as an additional layer under a jacket or coat .Shawl collar with with the ribs pattern all over . Care Tip: since this a 100% cotton sweater it will shrink in a hot dryer. To minimize shrinkage- use low heat; to maintain size- lay flat to dry

Product Details

Product name

mens cotton cardigan sweater


100combed cotton


Anti-pilling anti-shrinking , breathable


Shawl collar

Product type

Cardigan sweater

Age group




Place of origin


Production capicity

400000pcs per year

Product description:

Mens Cotton Cardigan Sweater

The best clothes are best fitted. If the clothes are really big or long, the solution is to wear them as a jacket.

Lifestyle habits are divided into daily, dating, commuting, and grand occasions, that is, choosing styles and clothes according to time, place, and occasion.

The subject's sweater style characteristics personally feel retro turbid, and use it in two scenarios:

1. Daily dating, socializing with friends

2. Daily commute look

Daily dating and social networking with friends emphasize stylization, highlighting their personality or temperament, secondly considering the age and spirit of the clothes, daily commute look, follow the principle of formal dress, replace with different items, slightly formal but not harsh

mens cotton cardigan sweater3mens cotton cardigan sweater2


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