Jacquard Pattern Knit Sweater

Crew neck pullover sweater for men , use the viscose quality , it is soft and smooth , and the thin gauge , this sweater suitable in spring or autumn season , when the weather not very cold .

Product Details

Product name

jacquard pattern knit sweater


83%viscose 17%nylon


Long sleeves


Jacquard pattern in front




Soft , smooth

Place of origin


Shipping port

Shanghai or ningbo


The shirt and cashmere sweater are a perfect match, and a small shirt collar is exposed on the neckline, which creates a gentle and elegant image as a whole. Whether it is a round neck V-neck or a cardigan, there is nothing wrong with wearing a shirt inside.

The shirt hem is more casual; the V-neck can also be matched with a tie to create a business sense.

Shirts, cashmere sweaters, and coats can create a layered sense of error through different colors.

In the early winter, you can add a casual list outside the cashmere sweater, and you can choose the flannel texture. There must always be a feeling of winter in winter. If the temperature drops again, you can put on a wool and cashmere coat, warm and versatile.

1. Inner package is poly bag, Outer package is carton box

2. Carton size: 60cm x 40cm x 40cm

3. Shipping: shanghai or ningbo

angora sweater made from9


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