Hooded Children's Knit Sweaters

Combed cotton quality for this cardigan , for baby boy or girl both ok .and easiest for match .

Product Details


Children's Knit Sweaters




Soft,Nature,Eco-Friendly, Plus Size,


70,80,90,100,110,120 or as clients require


Cardigan with the bear hoody


100PCS per style one color, negociated

Supply Type

OEM Service


Computer Knitted


Proto :3-10days , SMS sample : 15days , production :7-8weeks


L/C at sight


1pcs per polybag , and about 30-40pcs per carton

Children's Knit Sweaters

Since the winter, the weather has gradually cooled, and many people have put on warm sweaters. In home life, many friends will encounter the situation that the sweater will shrink after washing. Usually, the shrinkage of sweaters is caused by carelessness during washing. So is there any way to restore it to its original size? The following editor will tell you how to focus.

1, steam ironing

Curled woolen sweaters can be heated with a steam iron and then stretched with two hands while hot. Generally, due to the limited heating of the steam iron, in order to ensure that the sweater is not deformed, a partial, segmented, divided, heated stretching method is used for the sweater. It is impossible to stretch a lot at one time, and it is necessary to repeatedly heat and stretch. Before stretching, you should know the total length of the stretch, so that the stretch length of each segment can be counted. After all the stretches are applied, measure the total length. If the length is not enough, you can repeat it. Take special care not to oversize the dimensions, and make appropriate adjustments at the end.

2, cardboard method

Another simple way to deal with shrinkage of woolen sweaters after washing is to cut them into the size and shape of the original sweater with thick cardboard (cardboard of household appliances packing boxes). Put the sweater on the cardboard, fix it with several clothespins at the bottom of the sweater, and then use an electric iron to repeatedly steam iron all parts of the sweater, and then remove it after it has completely cooled.





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