The process of making mohair clothing

- May 29, 2019-

A mohair fabric is usually made by shearing, sorting and washing, carding, combing, spinning, weaving, stitching and finishing.

1 shearing

Angora goats are sheared twice a year, using hand shears or electric shears. High breeding standards and strict breeding selection ensure the perfect quality of fiber.

2. Grading and washing

According to the fiber length, diameter, and quality sorting, strict classification standards to enhance the value of products. The fibers are washed to remove dirt and grease.

3 carded

Through the drawing and combing function of combing machine and needle comb machine, the mohair fibers are straightened and arranged in an orientation, most of the weeds are removed, and combined into a circle or strip, one circle or strip is called a "carding strip".

4 combed

Transfer mohair to a combing machine to remove remaining plant impurities and short fibers to form soft, luxurious mohair strips.

5 spinning

Mohair yarns are spun into yarns with different twist, number and appearance. Mohair yarns are usually made softer by twisting or raising.

6 the dyeing

Yarns can be dyed or dyed after weaving.

7 weaving

Mohair yarns can be used to make worsted or woven fabrics, as well as garments.