Mohair the longer the hair the better the quality

- May 23, 2019-

Since it is mohair, of course, the longer the hair, the better the quality (because of the wool), such wool (wool) there are two kinds of thick and thin, the wool looks like a finger long, if woven after washing it is even longer. Mohair like this is usually imported from South Africa. Thick is (wool) so thick and coarse in line, is commonly used to weave the alone, also won't and other wool knit together (wool), knit sweater in the winter coat after good will is very beautiful, inside (with collar and chest) and this sweater is very warm, the long hair is not easy to bone-chilling cold wind blew in, cycling and the old man's favourite, (cycling is not afraid of the wind, the old man because of its light and warm and loved it)