Mohair maintenance

- May 28, 2019-

Today, there are many kinds of mohair on the market, such as shining mohair, gold and silver thread mohair, long hair mohair and so on. Mohair originally refers to a kind of high quality goat hair, and most of the market supply is produced with chemical fiber raw materials "imitation mohair." Because mohair villi is long and soft, some consumer are right how catharsis and maintain do not have a start, be afraid of villi to fall off, pour pole and board. Mohair fabric can be dry-cleaned and washed. Dry clean can choose light oil or dry wash agent, use the method of local gush brush, such, already cleaned polluted place, maintained the appearance of the fabric and outline again. Wash to join the warm water with a high - end wash soak, and then gently pinch wash, after too clear with silk wool softener for soft treatment. Hang the clothes with nylon mesh bag to dry the water, and then use the clothes rack to dry. Mohair clothes should not be washed by washing machine with high speed or medium speed agitation. If necessary, put mohair clothes into laundry bag and rinse with low speed. It should be noted that mohair fabrics are strictly prohibited from ironing. Do not wear clothes hangers to hang in the wardrobe, avoid weight, so as not to pile down, flash disappeared.