Maintenance of wool clothing

- May 01, 2019-

The maintenance of wool is a big headache for many people. After we wear it daily, the wool stays the same as new after a few simple treatments:

Be careful to save

Empty your pockets or it will bulge or sag.

Hang woollen clothing in a cool, airy place with a suitable hanger and allow it to remove creases. Choose a style that supports your coat's shoulder pads and culottes to avoid wrinkling.

Protection against wrinkles pure wool or wool blends leave wrinkles in a damp bathroom for a period of time or overnight.

Brush gently with coat brush


Brush away the dirt on the surface of the clothing, otherwise it will become a stain for a long time, and the dust will affect the appearance of the wool fabric.

Wet wool care

If your woollen clothing gets wet, it must be dried immediately, but never in direct contact with a heat source, such as baking before a fire, placing it in an electric heater, or exposing it to the sun. Do not dry it in a dryer unless it is specified on the wash label.

Clean small stains with cold water. Then blot them dry with a clean cloth, but never with a paper towel. Lay clothes flat on the bed for about an hour to remove odors such as cigarette smoke.

Let the wool breathe

Allow the wool to breathe for 24 hours before the next wear, and try to avoid wearing the same garment two days in a row. This gives the wool fiber enough time to regain its natural elasticity. If you want to store wool fabric for a long time, it must be washed and dried first. Any wool fabric can be folded and stored, placed in cedar or mothballs, or hung in a clothing bag. Don't clutter clothes in small Spaces.


Wool sweater moth prevention is also very important, the commonly used method is fumigation, that is, the use of fumigant volatile to kill moths, it needs to be in a sealed container. Its main use camphor, naphthalene, such as dichlorobenzene. When keeping woolen sweater in the family commonly USES this one method, will achieve the goal that prevents moth-eaten.