Fashion Cashmere Hat For Women

Cashmere quality , light ,warm and soft.

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fashion cashmere hat for women


100%super fine cashmere

Ball quality

Reccoon hair




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Cashmere quality , light ,warm and soft.


It is made of cashmere fabric, comfortable and warm, delicate and more skin-friendly.


The fox fur hair ball decoration, craftsmanship, atmosphere, more fashion.


Fine sewing process, detailed and more detailed.

In recent years, pure cashmere has become more and more popular with everyone because of its excellent skin-wearing experience. But cashmere can not only distinguish the pros and cons of purity, but weaving also has a very important position.

Worsted cashmere is one of the products in cashmere fabrics. It has a flowing water texture, smooth and light, and it can be worn by worsted cashmere to experience the experience that is really addictive to the skin. It is soft and smooth, and it is transparent and light. .

What is worsted cashmere?

Worsted cashmere is a fine cashmere fabric made from fine and long top cashmere, which is spun into a combed yarn through a unique combing process.

From the technical point of view, cashmere yarns are divided into woollen and worsted. The number of rovings is relatively low, generally from 14 to 32;

Worsted finer, higher counts, from 28 to 120.

The surface of the worsted cashmere fabric is smooth and smooth, the texture is fine and clear, the texture of the clothing is smoother, transparent and light, and the visually gives a smoother look. The gloss is soft and natural, soft and elastic, so it is especially suitable for spring and thin. Fabric.

Cashmere natural fiber has good fluffiness and high elastic fiber fineness, so it is more delicate and warm!

Bolink Cashmere will always give you a sense of reward, and it is worthy of your respect for it, - choose love is permanent.





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